We just arrived in Atlanta tonight from Orlando…it’s good to be home. Although it doesn’t quite feel like home yet! Our stuff is here, but it’s going to take a little bit longer for us to settle in.

I got to be part of the entertainment for the Miss America’s Outstanding Teen Pageant again this year, and it was so encouraging to see 52 teenage girls who have a heart to change the world! I sang The Star Spangled Banner (remembered the words and sang it acapella!!) and also sang Priceless while Taylor Fitch danced to it. It was awesome! Miss Wisconsin won,
and I’m sure she will have a great year!

Two weeks from tomorrow I will be on “Praise the Lord””on TBN! Check your local listings for when it airs. I know here in Atlanta it will be on at 10pm that night. All I can say is that Jesus is good and any door He opens is completely inspite of me!

On a more serious note, I’m going to be completely transparent here…I need your prayers for healing, both emotionally and physically. I have realized over the past few weeks that I have been operating through a filter of a lot of hurt, anger and mistrust. I have built walls that I don’t want to live my whole life behind, and I know that Jesus does NOT want me to carry these things into my worship. They are affecting my physical body, and I’m tired of making excuses!! I am ready to begin this journey and admit my utter helplessness. I am willing to watch Jesus take the mess I’ve made and make it into a beautiful masterpiece.

I know you all will pray with and for me. My prayer for all of you is the same thing I am praying for myself…that you will recognize every set up that the enemy has for you before it’s too late…and that you will not look to the right or the left
but focus only on His beautiful face.
I love you guys…


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